As your Student Council our main priority is making sure that the voices of all AUC students are properly represented. We protect student interests by reviewing important documents, giving feedback on current AUC proceedings, and by starting our own projects. We work closely together with other representative bodies at AUC as well as our own student community. We are passionate about creating an AUC where students can thrive academically while also maintaining a healthy personal life.


Although we have a lot of different areas of interest, a couple issues are especially close to our heart. Specifically, we want to prioritise diversity and inclusion, student mental health, support for international students, graduate futures and sustainability. However, more than anything, we want to ensure that our agenda properly represents students’ concerns. We hope that this website will make it easier for you to reach out and hold us accountable.


This year, the Student Council is lead by two co-chairs, Max Liesenborgs and Freya Baker. Daniela Morris will be serving as our Student Affairs officer and focus on student well-being. The role of External Affairs Officer will be filled by Sanch Sen and she will work with our PR Manager Helena Kissiova to communicate with you and other relevant parties. All of us are supported by our Student Assistant, Natalia Kossowska. Together, we hope to leave AUC a little better than we found it. #girlboss

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Max Liesenborgs (she/her)


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Freya Baker (she/her)


Max is a third year student in the Sciences major. She is currently doing the Biomedical track. This year she will co-chair the Student Council. As a co-chair, her main responsibilities are to be a representative of the whole team, direct communication with certain AUC management bodies, and keep the team spirit going throughout the whole year. She will take part in reviewing the AS&P, improve Course Registration, and work collaboratively with Campus Commission alongside Sanch. In addition, she will also be partially involved with Strategic Vision and some mental health-related projects 

Freya is a second year student in the Sciences major. She is doing the Biomedical track. She the other co-chair of the Student Council this year. Just like Max, her responsibilities are to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and ensure direct and active communication with the Management team of AUC. As for her portfolios, she will be taking charge of reviewing the budget and anything else money-related, she will also focus on sustainability and strategic vision for AUC. 

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Daniela Morris (she/her)




Sanch Sen (she/her)


Daniela is a second year student in the Social Sciences major. She is doing the International Relations track, but she's also interested in journalism and philosophy. As the Students Affairs officer, Daniela is the main connection between the student body and the Student Council. She is responsible for delivering the students' concerns to the rest of the team and for helping them directly. This is why her main focus as part of the SC will be students' mental health and well-being and diversity. 

Sanch is a second year student in the Social Sciences major. She is particularly interested in the cognition track. As our External Affairs officer, Sanch is the contact person of the Student Council with the UVA and the VU and their governing bodies. This is why as part of our team, she will take on the portfolios like UCSRN, and graduates future. She is also working closely with Helena on creating promotional content. 

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Helena Kissiova (she/her)




Natalia Kossowska (she/her)



Helena is a third year Science major with focus on Biomedical sciences. As part of the Student Council she will be the PR manager. Her hopes for this year are to increase the Student Council's visibility and continue working on increasing the outreach to students. Apart from being the PR person, Helena is also very hopeful to create a positive change in the Tutor system, develop the Masters preparation, and review the AS&P for next year. 

Natalia is a second year student, in the Social sciences major with a particular interest in International Relations and sociology. As our Student Council’s Student Assistant, Natalia will be responsible for taking minutes during internal meetings, managing the Zoho Workdrive and project management tools. She will support the Student Council in all their tasks and efforts to make AUC a better community for us students.