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As your Student Council, our main priority to make sure that the voices of all AUC students are properly represented. We protect students' interests by reviewing important documents, giving feedback on current AUC proceedings, and starting our own projects. We work closely with other representative bodies at AUC as well as our own student community. We are passionate about creating an AUC where students can thrive academically, while also maintaining a healthy personal life.

For more detailed information check out this slide show!

The AUC Student Council (AUCSC) is a participatory governing body formed by five elected students who represent the interests of their peers regarding all aspects of student life at AUC, including academics, well-being and diversity. By doing so, we bridge the gap between the student community, AUC management, the faculty and external bodies such as DUWO, the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).


This year, the Student Council is lead by two co-chairs, Marcello Benedetti and Gilda Sadeghi. Miriam Crane will be serving as our Student Affairs Officer and focus on student well-being. The role of External Affairs Officer will be filled by Lola Collingbourne, who will aim to strengthen connections with external bodies. Our Public Relations Officer Lexa von Vultejus in in charge of all our communication platforms and will focus on our visibility and transparency. The Student Council is supported by our Student Assistant, Laure Durang. Together, we hope to leave AUC a little better than we found it. 


Marcello Benedetti (he/they)



Gilda Sadeghi (she/her)


Marcello is a second-year student in the Humanities major, combining film and literature with a minor in Social Sciences. They will be joining the Student Council as one of the co-chairs. In this role, he will represent the team as a whole, responsible for keeping track of the Student Council’s ongoing tasks, and ensure everybody works well together. In terms of portfolios, Marcello will participate in the AS&P revision cycle and assist management in the AUCNext project, among others.

Gilda is a third-year student in the Science major following the mathematics track. She is co-chair of the Student Council, which means she is in direct communication with the Management Team of AUC, chairs meetings, keeps overview of everyone’s job, and is representative of the whole team. This year, she will review the AUC budget, be part of the Curriculum Discussion group and Tutoring Working group along with other projects. She will also be working closely with Miriam on students affairs and facilities.


Miriam Crane (she/her)




Lola Collingbourne (she/her)


Miriam is a second year Social Sciences student with a focus in politics and health. As the Student Affairs Officer, she is excited to be a helping hand to students when they have questions and raise concerns. She is particularly interested in improving the day-to-day life for AUC students. Mental health, wellbeing and accessibility are her most important initiatives, though she is also excited to work on sustainability and diversity initiatives with students.

Lola is a third year Social Sciences major, focusing on international relations and conflict resolution. As the External Affairs Officer this year, she will be working to strengthen the Student Council's communication and collaboration with the UvA and VU, in addition to the other UC's. In addition to this role, Lola's main focuses are on promoting and expanding resources for graduate futures, and working to improve the AUC curriculum.


Alexandra (Lexa) von Vultejus (she/her) 




Laure Durang (she/her)



Lexa is a third year Social Science student, focusing on IR and conflict studies. As the Public Relations Officer her main concern is student council visibility and transparency. For example, she is taking care of all informative platforms including the website and Instagram, as well as the monthly newsletter. Her other floating tasks include the AS&Ps, the Mental Health Group, the Solidarity Fund and more.

Laure is a third year Social Science major, following the IR track and is especially interested in human rights. As our Student Council’s Student Assistant, Laure will be responsible for taking minutes during internal meetings, managing the Zoho Workdrive and project management tools. She will support the Student Council in all their tasks and efforts to make AUC a better community for us students

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